Student Housing Program

AssureLease Student Housing is a hybrid insurance concept that addresses the need to provide coverage for college/university student housing in the event of loss due to resident damage, failure to pay student housing or dormitory fees when due. At the same time, AssureLease Student Housing implements coverage in a much more attractive and affordable way for the student.

Exactly What Is AssureLease Student Housing?

  • A potentially profitable alternative to cash security deposits
  • Real protection against student caused damages
  • Protection against loss of dorm rental payment
  • Monthly premium is incorporated in the student’s monthly payment
  • The university or college is the beneficiary
  • Benefits both the educational institution and the student

The AssureLease Student Housing Program:
  • Indemnifies the university/college’s risk with an insurance product
  • Policy of insurance has all the characteristics and benefits of a cash security deposit, only more so
  • Reduces the “upfront” costs associated with university/college attendance
  • Reduces administrative costs for the university/college

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