Turning a Cost Center into a Profit Center

Providing A Customized Tenant Default Insurance Program
To Property Owners

AssureLease is a financial engineering/risk management program which was created to help property owners to address the failed process of security deposits, which can only lose money. We can create a customized solution for the following property types – residential (small to large – minimum 300 units/no maximum), commercial (office/retail) and student housing (on/off campus housing).

Unlike other tenant-based surety or indemnity programs, AssureLease creates a manu-scripted policy tailored to each owner’s individual portfolio. Our underwriting methodology, which is the foundation for success of any insurance program, is second to none.

What makes us different is that our program can eliminate historical losses and create a new profit center with no upfront cost. AssureLease also creates immediate goodwill with tenants as they get to keep the funds that would have otherwise been tied up in a security deposit or letter of credit.

AssureLease is the most efficient way for property owners to address tenant default. We are happy to discuss how we can help your portfolio.
Mid-sized Residential Program - AssureLease LATS is a one of a kind group captive program for small to mid-size residential owners (300 to 3,000 units) that AssureLease created along with its insuring partners to enable smaller owners to take advantage of the benefits previously only available to larger owners.

Large Residential Program - The AssureLease residential program for larger residential owners (3,000 units +) enables owners to completely eliminate historical losses due to bad debt while also creating a new profit center via a single cell captive structure.

AssureLease vs Tenant-based Products

Key Elements

Owner Controlled
Control of Claims Process
Underwritten to Specific Portfolio
Return of Unused Premium/Funding
Excess Limits Available
Funding for Catastrophic Claims
Are all monies held by Owner
Potential Tax Advantages to Owner
Lower Cost To Tenant
Full Portfolio Coverage
Removes 100% of negative impact to NOI

AssureLease is the pioneer in Tenant Security Deposit alternatives!

AssureLease was the first to market in the Security Deposit Alternative space. AssureLease has had a continuous insurance partner without any defaults and have met our underwriting projections within 5% every year of operations. We know how to underwrite this exposure!!

Client benefits include:

Increase Tenant Retention
Increase Occupancy Rates

Expand Prospective Renter Pool
Reduce Administrative Costs

Keep 100% of Unused Premiums
Put Profits Back On Their Balance Sheet

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