Large Owner Program

The AssureLease residential program for larger residential owners (3,000 units +) is a bespoke program that enables property owners to eliminate a current cost center (bad debt) and create a new profit center. AssureLease replaces the need for security deposits, which are a failed instrument, with an innovative insurance program that provides coverage for lost rent, damages and litigation expense.

Utilizing its unique underwriting model, AssureLease creates a customized program for each individual owner and provides ongoing administration and reporting. The premiums are paid by the tenant via a small add-on to rent (typically 1-2%) in lieu of posting a security deposit. This structure creates goodwill with tenants as it removes a barrier to entry.

  • Eliminates Cost Center / Creates New Profit Center
  • Increase Occupancy, Retention & NOI
  • Aggregate vs. Specific coverage
  • Access to Specialized Insurance Partners
  • No Pre-Funding Capital Needed
  • Immediate Claims Payment
  • No Tail/Post Liabilities
  • Potential Tax Advantage

All prospective clients must be thoroughly underwritten for suitability.

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